InGramer App Latest Version Download FREE | Real Instagram Likes [100% FREE]

In today's article, we are going to tell you about how to get real Instagram likes on your photos and posts with the InGramer app for free without verification.

As you know, many social media platforms have gained popularity and significance, such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. 

However, Instagram stands out as the best compared to other social networking sites because it focuses on picture-based information. 

Instagram provides many opportunities as you can share your videos, status, and photographs with your clients, colleagues, family, and others. 

By doing this, you connect with different people throughout the world and get comments, followers, and likes

Instagram also helps businesses search for advanced opportunities to grow their business. 

Many people like Instagram because they can consistently reach most of their clients and post on this platform. 

It is an excellent advertising device from many points of view. However, many people and businesses are not lucky to get as many followers, comments, and likes as they desire. 

If you are in this predicament, you are you should consider using the InGramer app. This app provides you with limitless supporters, followers, and likes on your Instagram account.

You will quickly get noticed on Instagram if you have a vast and solid base of supporters. You need a massive number of followers and likes to build your presence online. 

Auto Likes is one of the best ways to get more Instagram likes to improve the image of your business and increase income. 

You cannot avoid the idea of using an Instagram Auto Liker if you want to catch the interest of your clients. Read on to know how to get Instagram Auto Likes with the InGramer app today.

What is InGramer App?

Do you want to get targeted Instagram likes and are wondering which app you should use? InGramer Instagram Auto-Liker and Auto follower is one of the best apps to boost your followers and likes. 

You can rely on this application to increase Instagram auto likes and auto followers on your post for free. It is a secure and safe application compared to other apps. 

InGramer is a combination of Auto followers and Auto likes instruments. Without a doubt, you will get many followers and likes on your Instagram posts and account. 

It has incredible features that make it an outstanding application to gain limitless followers and likes on your Instagram posts. Even though there are plenty of application APK / store showcases, InGramer apk is the most recommended Instagram auto liker. 

It comes in handy in circumstances where you don’t have any clue on the best way to support your post or status on Instagram. 

Almost everyone has some difficulty in utilizing some applications. However, the InGramer app is simple to use and straightforward. 

In case of any problem, you can watch the video tutorial to learn the basic steps to use the application appropriately. 

To increase original Instagram auto likes with In Gramer App, you have to download the app from the link given below. 

Download the file to your tablet or Android phone. Open the app and swipe down to see the login with the Instagram button. 

Click on the button and make sure your account is set to public mode. Log in and click on the submit button to increase your followers and likes.

Benefits of InGramer Instagram App?

Using the InGramer app helps you save time. It is free, easy to use, and works impeccably as an auto followers and auto liker. 

The interface is clean and easy to understand. It saves you time that you would otherwise spend on liking posts yourself. 

It eliminates the need for double tapping to like many posts consistently. The app enables you to get Instagram likes on all of your posts without any effort. 

InGramer app helps you build your supporter base to boost your online presence and expand traffic to your business. 

There is no age limit or requirement for enrolment to use this application.

Details and Requirements of InGramer App

Application Name


Requires Android

5.0 and Up


100% FREE

Scan Report

No Malware Detected


APK File


Latest Recently Updated


Social Media

Star Rating

Offered By



How To Download InGramer APK For Android?

1First of all, click on the Download Now button to download latest InGramer apk for android FREE.
2And you have to wait for 15 seconds. Then app will be download automatically.

How To Gain Real Instagram Likes To Your Photos [100% FREE]?

1First of all, open the download application, and click on the SIGN In WITH INSTAGRAM button.
Sign In With Instagram
2After that, login your fake Instagram account by entering your username and password in the given boxes.

Once you enter the required details in the given box, click on the Log In button.

Sometimes, if you get a technical issue or error while login, make sure your account is set to public and the password is correct.
Login With Instagram
3Once logged in, click on the GO button.
4Being a coin-based application, you need to collect coins first to gain likes.

To collect coins, just click on the icon below and also tap on the above icon to collect coins.

On each tap, you will earn (0.5) coins.
Earn Points
5Once you have collected lots of coins by following the above process, go to the Home section and enter the targeted post URL in the above section (On which post you want to gain likes).

Once that is done, click on the ADD ORDER button.
Add Order For Likes
6After that, select the quantity of the likes based on coins from the given list.
Choose Limit
7In the last step, the application will ask you whether you want to confirm your order, yes or no. Just press YES to confirm.

Once you press yes, likes will start getting to your post immediately.
Confirm Your Order


Auto liking on Instagram should not be confused with spamming. InGramer app helps you gain more followers to increase your online presence. 

It helps you realize the benefits of using social media to accomplish your business objectives and expand your deals. The best thing about using the InGramer app is that it is free. 

It also comes with more features, followers, targeted likes, and much more. 

Note that Instagram does not permit its users to use third-party applications to increase real or fake followers. 

Using such applications or websites could make your Instagram account to be permanently or temporarily disabled.

I hope you liked today’s article if you face any problem in downloading and using the application. Then you can tell us by commenting below.

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