Download SocialTop App V3.7 For Free | Free Followers On Instagram 2022

SocialTop App, After Instagram's new algorithm, it has become even more difficult to increase organic followers, causing many more new Instagram users to have more problems growing followers and likes.

Now many pro-Instagram users understood the updates of Instagram and are taking advantage of it and increasing their followers, but they will never tell you a secret, How he is increasing his followers.

But if I tell you such a tip and technique with which you can increase thousands of Instagram followers every day So what will be your answer?

Are you still surprised, yes, you have read right in this post, we are going to tell you about a great app to grow real Instagram followers using which you can easily increase your followers.

The name of this app is SocialTop App, and if you also want to increase followers on your Instagram, then definitely read this post till the end because today you have brought the very best technology for you.

I have told you in detail below how to use this application and how to download it so that you can easily download and use this app.

If you are using this app for the first time and you do not know how to use SocialTop App, I have also told you in detail step by step below, you can easily grow your followers by following my steps.

What is SocialTop App?

If you have used TopFollow App before this, then you will be able to use this app easily.

Because this app is a coin-based app like TopFollow, in which you have to earn coins, and then you can increase the followers on your account with the help of these coins.

The Social Top App works to increase Instagram followers, in this app users earn points by following or liking others, and with the same points, they can order followers or likes for themselves.

You also get other tools in this app, so that you can easily increase the likes on your Instagram posts.

Another special thing about this app is that you can also increase the likes on your Instagram reel videos.

SocialTop App is easy to use and followers also send you immediately, so that you can increase more followers in working time.

Details And Requirements

Application Name

SocialTop  App

User Rating






Apk File

Offered By

SocialTop Apps .net

Requires Android

5.0 And Up 



How  To Download SocialTop App?

To download the latest SocialTop App, first of all, you have to click on the download given below.

Now you will be redirected to a new page, On this page, there will be a 15-second timer, so you have to wait until that time is 0, and after that your app will be ready to download.


How To Use SocialTop App?

After downloading the app, you have to open it, after that you will get the login page here, you have to enter the username and password of any of your fake accounts in it, and then click on the login button.

Instagram Login Page

After that you will be logged into this app, so now you have to deposit coins, and for that you have to click on the button {COMENZAR} below, after that your coins will start accumulating.

Dashboard SocialTop App

If you use my code in it, then you will get free 200 coins, for that, you have to click on {Mondeas gratis} above.

Coins earn SocialTop App

After that you will have two options in front of you, then you have to choose the option of the second number.


After choosing the option you have to use my code here (EE882AB3) and after that, you have to click on the button {ENVIAR} given below, 200+ coins will be added to your account.

Enter The Promo

After that you have to click on the {Seguidores} button given below in the app.

Dashboard SocialTop App

To increase the followers, then you have to write your real Instagram account username here and click on the OK button below.


After that, you have to choose the number of followers and then click on the {OBTNER} in front of it, now a page will open in front of you, you have to click on the SÍ button in it.

Soon after, followers will be sent to your account, these followers will be received on your account within at least 5 minutes.


This app is completely similar to the TopFollow App, but the language has been used differently in it, so it may have been a bit different for you.

In this, all your TopFollow coin codes are used, if you do not have a coin code, then join our Telegram Group, where you get new code codes every day.

But as I have told you earlier, do not use your real account to log in to this app, log in to any of your fake accounts to Social Top and transfer the followers to your real account.

This is important to do because Instagram never recommends growing followers from third-party sources, if you increase followers from third-party sources, you violate the rules of Instagram, so it is possible that Instagram can ban your account permanently.

I hope you liked today’s article if you face any problem in downloading and using the application. Then you can tell us by commenting below.

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